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Have a large party?

If you have a party larger than 14 people, you will have to call ahead and speak with a party planner.

We will do our best to accomdate your time, to guarantee you get the perfect date call as soon as possible and book your event.

To book your party you will have to call 412.257.5150 and ask to speak with either Jess or Nicci.

If you have more questions please feel free to email or call.

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Have a look at some of our food, staff, and more.

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Meet our servers and their favorite pizza.

"The Vernazza is my go to, the ultimate flavor explosion of sweet and earthy ingredients. -Jess

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"Nothing beats the Pizza Anna; sweet, tart, and savory all in one bite." -Justin

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"I always get the Arugula, the greens add a whole new layer of flavor." -Alisha

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"The Cucina Bella my main choice, our homemade meatballs can make anything delicious." -Nicci

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"The Asparagi is my comfort choice, it's smooth, simple and light, perfect with an egg on top!" -Stacey

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Cooking Class: Cucina Bella's Santa Lucia Pizza

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Have a question for us? Need directions? Want to share your experience? Or just have a general question? Then let us know down below or use this map to help you find your way.

We take reservations, however be sure your party is atleast 6 big, and no larger than 14. If you don't have 6 you are more than welcome to walk-in and we will seat you as soon as a possible. If your party if larger than 14 call us, so we can schedule a private party for you. Space is limited and so are dates for private parties so don't wait to long. In addition we only take about 4 reservations a night so as to leave room for walk-ins, so even if we can't take your reservation you can still walk-in and we will seat you as soon as possible. Lastly if your party size changes let us know as soon as possible, if the party size falls below 6 people you will forefit your reservation and will have to wait in line.

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